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Ergonomics in the workplace

Every year British business loses more than 20 million working days through work-related illness and injury.

Nearly half of these are due to back pain, joint and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

This imposes a heavy cost on employers with lost productivity, sickness absence and staff turnover.

Working with computer screens, driving and manual handling are major risk factors for these injuries.

It is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the workplace does not harm your staff.

Our individually tailored ergonomic services will identify potential risks in your workplace which may contribute to injury and ill-health of your employees.

We work with organisations to offer long-term, workable solutions that enable staff to be happier and more productive in the workplace and reduce absenteeism.

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Who we work with

We have worked with a range of companies, including:

"Very thorough service, very approachable and full of good advice – the difference is really quite dramatic"

Sonia Gale, Barclays Bank PLC

Disability Support

The Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for people with disabilities to enable them to do their jobs.

The vast majority of these adjustments will be simple, inexpensive and make good business sense.

But what constitutes a ‘reasonable adjustment’ will depend on several factors and will be different in every situation.

Workable Solutions has many years of experience of working with businesses in all sectors and is ideally placed to help you identify and implement reasonable adjustments. We meet your staff to assess their individual needs.

Based on our professional expertise and product knowledge we provide independent advice and guidance to help you achieve a workable solution.

From our office near Winchester we visit clients throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and in the surrounding counties including central London.