Ergonomic in the Workplace

Making your workplace work!

Every year British business loses more than 20 million working days through work-related illness and injury. Of this an estimated 11.6 million working days are lost due to work related musculoskeletal disorders. As many of these problems are caused by poor working practices they could be prevented.

By providing quality assessments, advice and training in your workplace we will help you to

  • Reduce work-related injuries and ill-health
  • Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and morale
  • Avoid costly mistakes in equipment purchase
  • Comply with extensive workplace legislation

Our services include:

Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

We carry our workstation assessments of individuals who are experiencing discomfort or pain.

These assessments go beyond the basic DSE requirements to understand the causes of the individual’s problems and find effective solutions and help the employee to remain at work.

All assessments are carried out at the workplace by a Chartered Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist with many years experience.

The client has ample opportunity to explain and demonstrate their problems and difficulties and some immediate advice and guidance is provided.

The assessment visit is followed by a comprehensive report that includes information on any changes that might be needed and details of the advice given.

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Review of office ergonomics

Most office workers are at risk of musculoskeletal problems. A quick look around any office will show that few if any employees are sitting appropriately at their desks.

Usually their workstations are not set up or adjusted correctly and in most cases the employee is not using the furniture and equipment appropriately.

As a result they adopt a variety of awkward, static and/or repetitive postures which are risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

We will review the ergonomics of your staff and improve their sitting postures by adjusting the furniture and equipment correctly and showing them how to use it properly.

We provide employers with detailed information of potential problems and ways to minimise risk.

As a result the risk of injury will be reduced, morale and productivity will increase and the cost of sickness absence due to MSDs will be reduced.

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Return to work

After a prolonged absence from work due to illness or injury we will carry out an assessment of the employee in the workplace.

We provide guidance on work organisation, posture, activities and increasing work fitness, speeding a successful return to work.

We also determine if the employee is ready to resume their normal duties and whether some assistance would be helpful while his/her work fitness is restored.

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Home and remote workers

Thanks to modern technology there are now more opportunities for people to work from home.

You are responsible for the health and safety of your home workers and are required to carry out a risk assessment of the home working environment, assess display screen equipment risks, ensure that workstations meet the minimum requirements, identify any risks and take steps to control them.

Workable Solutions will provide a cost effective assessment service for all your home workers.

We will identify any risks and give advice and training to ensure that the employee’s home workplace is suitable.

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Pregnancy assessments

Employers have a legal duty to protect pregnant women and their children from any work-related risks.

When a woman tells her employer she is pregnant a specific risk assessment should be carried out.

We can do this on your behalf. When the new mother is ready to return to work we will reassess her workstation and provide her with up to date advice.

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DSE risk assessments

Carrying out DSE assessment for all your employees can put a huge cost on your organisation in terms of both time and resources.

We can provide a cost effective solution ensuring you meet your DSE obligations.

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Business Driver Risk Assessments

Research demonstrates that sickness absence due to back discomfort is six times greater for those who drive for more than four hours a day.

In a recent study of business car drivers at least half said they had suffered from low back trouble in the last 12 months.

Risk assessments of business drivers need to be carried out to comply with legislation and to ensure the health and safety of your workforce.

Workable Solutions carries out individual driver assessments that identify potential risk factors, or the causes of any reported discomfort, and provides guidance to help prevent the development of back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

Training is given in vehicle seat adjustment, driving postures, use of the vehicle as an office and exercise. When appropriate we are also able to provide advice on car selection.

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Manual Handling risk assessment

Lifting and manual handling of loads presents increased risks of musculoskeletal injuries. Workable Solutions provides manual handling risk assessments, advice and training for risk reduction.

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Advice and problem solving

  • Identification of musculoskeletal demographics within your organisation
  • Advice on MSD management, including how to reduce incidence and resultant absenteeism
  • Product evaluation and recommendation, for example - office chairs, before a purchase is made.

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Training for managers and staff

Training sessions, which are tailored to the needs of the organisation, include

  • ‘Back care at work’ workshops
  • DSE workstation set up and use for assessors or users
  • Manual handling

To arrange an assessment or appointment, call us now on 01962 732808 or email

Case Studies

Workable Solutions was asked to carry out a review of the office ergonomics for a software company in Oxfordshire with approx 100 employees. We conducted short one-to-one assessments with every employee. These were held at their desks where we discussed the desk set up and his/her working postures.  Some immediate improvements were made, for example, seat height was corrected, and advice was given together with a copy of our 'Ten Tips for good sitting posture'. The site visits were followed up with a brief report to management listing the advice that had been given to each member of staff.

A large utility company in Southampton was concerned about the excessive amount of sickness absence that was taken by many of their staff. Together with Managers and Occupation Health we identified employees who had musculoskeletal symptoms, many of whom had taken time off work due to this problem. These employees were booked on our ‘Back Care at Work’ programme, a one day, small group workshop of education, exercise and relaxation. Over the next few months absentee figures started to reduce and within a year were less than half the previous amount.

In both cases management demonstrated that they were aware of Health and Safety in the office environment and that they cared about their employees, going beyond the legal requirements. This reduced the cost of sickness absence, improved morale and productivity and reduced the incidence of further musculoskeletal disorders.